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Whether you are moving from an apartment, condo, storage unit, or you are in need of home movers, we have just the local moving services you are looking for.

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College Moves



Time for College? We Can Help! 

Is it time for you to move your new or returning student to school and you find that you just don’t have enough hours in the day to get it done? Are half-packed boxes piling up and you are running out of time? These tips from Bearded Brothers Moving Company can help your student get started on the path to prosperity.

Organize Prior to Packing 

Just like moving into a new home, a student room or suite should be well-organized for maximum flow and usage. Coordinate piles of like items to make packing easier. This can also help you and your student when putting the items away in a new room.  Establishing a general sequence before any move is key to creating a great flow to a space-no matter what its size!

Less is More

Moving away from home is an exciting and scary time. Though taking every stuffed animal in the collection seems like a good idea; less is more. Choose important items but leave space for the things that will be inevitably be acquired along the way. More than one college student has brought home boxes of things they thought they couldn’t live without on their first trip home to do the laundry. Set a box limit together and stick to it to ensure there is enough space for everything. 

Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Professional

Feeling overwhelmed at the changes that occur when moving your student into a new college is natural. Whether you’re an empty-nester or sending your oldest child into the world, tension is inevitable at this time. Don’t hesitate to utilize a professional service like Bearded Brothers Moving Company to ease some of the burden of this stressful time. 

Starting any university is a special moment for both new graduates and their parents. Focusing on student’s future success is important. Let us help you get your new student settled in so you can concentrate on what’s important and set the tone for a thriving path to graduation. Contact us today-we can lighten the load!

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